Biggest Reasons Your Engine Might be Overheating

When the engine in your car overheats, it is important that you get to the source of the issue before the damage is severe. Here are a few possible causes of the motor overheating;
  • As simple as it sounds, a loose or missing radiator cap could be the cause of all your trouble. Make sure the cap is secure and the radiator filled to the top.
  • Check that the radiator hoses are not leaking, then look to see if the hose clamps are snug so no coolant is escaping from the cooling system.
  • The fan bet going to the water pump should be tight. If it is loose, it may have been stretched too far too long and is no longer effective.
  • A failing thermostat will interrupt the flow of coolant and cause the overheating.
Don't hesitate to get your car to the Courtesy Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT service center at the first signs of engine trouble.
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